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Reviews for 'Why Blue?' 


Inspiring "Wonder"-ful Thinking!

Children are naturally curious, creative and "wonder"ful. They look at the world with fresh eyes, quite different than our own. How can we ensure that this kind of creative thinking continues to exist in our students' minds during a time when they are fed a steady diet of "information overload"- TV, internet, video games? Well, I think we need to balance out that digital diet with intelligent, imaginative and inspiring books like Why Blue? by Josh Tuininga.

I shared this book with my class we discussed what it means to be an inquirer, and to have a curious attitude, as these are the kind of traits students really need these days (the 21st century). We're preparing them for jobs that don't even exist yet. Technology is the name of the game, and we certainly want them to be tech savvy, however, who exactly are the people that create these technologies? Students need to be able to think creatively and with wonder, wanting to unlock the answers to unknown questions. It's these kinds of minds that invent new technologies. In this story, Maya is that kind of learner, a lifelong learner who loves "hard questions". This book echoes my daily mission as a teacher: "cultivating independent thinkers and lifelong learners". How did Josh Tuininga know??! ;)

I urge you to check out Why Blue? on Amazon. It's available in Kindle and hardcover editions. It would be an instant favorite in any classroom (my students LOVED it!) and the perfect gift for a young inquiring mind!

(I did not receive any compensation for this review.)

Thanks for stopping by and keep wondering!

-Karli Lomax
Creating a Thoughtful Classroom




"I loved this book because it is spot on. children are full of "why" questions. In this story Maya goes for a walk. While sitting on a bench she looks up at the sky and wonders why it is blue and not some other color. Read to find out what she learns about why the sky is blue. The author has demonstrated through his writing that a little kid still exists inside of him that continues to make him ask why."

-Sandra Stiles
The Musings of a Book Addict


Why Blue? is the eloquent and colorful story of an inquisitive little girl who has just one simple question, "Why is the sky blue?"

As Maya gazes at the sky she begins to wonder why it's blue and not hot pink, lime green or even paisley or plaid? She decides to ask others for their opinion on the matter, but with their varying answers Maya isn't sure who to believe. Will Maya ever get the answer to her question?

Why Blue? is a gentle story with beautiful and peaceful illustrations that pique the imagination of young readers. It creatively gets them thinking and they too will want to discover "why the sky is blue?"

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Why Blue? Available on Amazon from Xist Publishing.

-Stacie Theis 
Beach Bound Books


North Bend, father-of-two, Josh Tuininga, has written, and beautifully illustrated, a book called "Why Blue?" 

When he asked me to review it, I was happy to not only find a great book for my family but also to support a local author, which made it even sweeter!

As the book description says, "When a little girl wonders that age old question, “Why is the sky blue?” her imagination takes her on a beautiful journey of color, science and friendship."  

Maya questions why the sky is blue and not hot pink, lime green or paisley or plaid. This question leads Maya on a journey to visit a baker, musician and many others throughout the day, all of whom give their own reasons for why the sky is blue.  Is it painted blue?  Is it because of blueberries?  And does Maya ever get her question answered?  Well, you'll need to read the book to find out!

If you are looking for a fun book for your family or even for your child's classroom (Teacher Appreciation Week is coming soon), "Why Blue?" is the great option!  The book is perfect for beginning readers, kids who like to use their imaginations and families who enjoy cuddling up and reading together.

The hardcover book is available on Amazon, as well as the Kindle edition. Click here to connect to Amazon.

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